To manage your orders and shipments, Oroxilia has in its portfolio of partners a logistics solution that meets your needs in terms of electronic data exchange.  This solution is Babelway.

Babelway, solution EDI

Babelway, the EDI (Enterprise Data Interchange) solution for your business

Babelway is a unique document flow automation platform.  This software allows you to deal with all the document formats of your partners, and of your existing or future systems.

The strengths of Babelway software

Complete tool

Babelway is able to transform data from and to all formats.

Data management

Apply any operation or logic to your data to solve any integration challenge, or choose from hundreds of predefined formula accesses to manipulate data whenever needed.


Use lookup tables to dynamically replace data.


Give visibility to internal users or external partners whenever necessary.


Build a document structure immediately by simply uploading a sample of documents.

Data validation

Define data validation rules.


Obtain visibility and control over your B2B exchanges, generate reports.


Archive securely : all documents are stored with maximum security.

Babelway and Oroxilia, together for a simple and reliable management of your EDI exchanges

Simplified connection between you, your suppliers and your customers

Oroxilia installs the logistics solution adapted to your company, its size and its needs.  With Babelway, we enable you to automate the processing of information and to connect your system solutions with each other and with your customers and suppliers.

Reliable and experienced partners

With its experience in EDI, Babelway helps companies on a daily basis in their B2B collaborations.  The software currently processes tens of millions of documents for thousands of companies.

Oroxilia has expertise in integrating IT solutions for logistics (WMS, Delivery Management, TMS en EDI).  As a “pure player” (IT integration for logistics is our only business), her in-depth knowledge of partner solutions enables rapid and reliable operationalization of your logistics automation projects.