For your warehouse management, Oroxilia provides and hosts in SaaS mode a 100% web solution, perfectly responsive and ergonomic.

An expert software for logistics professionals

With our WMS, you orchestrate and digitize all of your logistics flows. Thanks to our solution, you are able to meet the challenges of your logistics profession : meeting deadlines, optimizing flows and stocks, reconciliation of physical flows with information flows, traceability, cold chain integrity, development of e-commerce, …

Gestion d'un entrepôt par des robots

SaaS mode and its advantages

Oroxilia does it for you. We host a WMS latest generation and offer native integration compliant with Benelux standards (carriers, customs). We adjust the platform to your needs, link them to your information system and offer your teams a highly qualitative support service.

Choose our WMS in SaaS mode and opt for warehouse management system whose efficiency is well established. Oroxilia guides you through this change. With our WMS, your products’ arrival and shipment is made easy. The software is intuitive and will quickly be adopted by your users.

The advantages of this type of WMS are diverse. With SaaS mode, say goodbye to infrastructure investments and reduce implementation and maintenance costs. The cost lies only in the price of an “all-in” subscription per month or per year.

Our WMS is not installed on a local server, so we maintain it remotely. This implies that no perilous and costly updates need to be undertaken on your premises. Your software is always up to date.

Thanks to our solution, you have access to many features that will be of great help to you in your business: verification of the conformity of the goods at the entrance, implementation of optimized picking routines, management of safety and permissions, flexibility of locations,… Our WMS is preconfigured for certain sectors and can be adapted to your own needs.

For its installation, trust Oroxilia and its expertise in the pharmaceutical,food, frozen goods and cosmetics sectors.

Sectors to which our warehouse management solution is perfectly suited

Food sector

  • Management of LIFO, FIFO and FEFO picking routines
  • Track and trace (where the product comes from and where it goes)
  • Support for SSCC label formats
  • Reinforced quality control
  • Compliance with AFSCA requirements

Pharmaceutical sector

  • Assistance in obtaining GDP and GMP certifications
  • Security and permissions management
  • Management of delivery deadlines
  • Track and trace (follow-up of the goods at each movement)
  • Scan and management of unique serial numbers (FMD)

Frozen goods sector

Same characteristics as the food sector +

  • Monitoring and control of temperatures at each stage
  • Respect for the cold chain during reception and expedition
  • Stock management (max. of goods over min. of space)

Cosmetics sector

  • Status and location of each product
  • Arrangement of products according to weight / packaging
  • Picking order according to weight / packaging
  • Gain in organization and efficiency

The strengths of our software

A software simple and open to external information systems is the ideal solution for logistics providers, carriers, retail industries and chains, and e-commerce companies managing their own warehouses.

Easy integration

No infrastructure implementation or extension project management. Scalable solution in the cloud.

Easy of use

SaaS mode can be used easily and on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, RF).

  • Designed by logistics experts
  • Adjusted by specialists in ergonomics

Adaptation to the profession

Our WMS adapts to your business and your specific situation.

  • Allows the management of a wide range of activities and goods.

Maximum flexibility

The software supports you throughout your development:

  • Multi-company
  • Multi-warehouses
  • Extension of storage areas
  • Diversification of processed goods


Communication is optimally established with your entire environment.  The software is linked to :

  • your computer system
  • external information systems
  • Connected objects
  • Other tools in your ecosystem (including WCS)

Customer relationship

The relationship with your end customers is facilitated.

  • Traceability
  • Parcel tracking
  • EDI
  • e-warehouse solution


It allows you to track your goods and workload in real time

  • Inventory
  • Team management


Thanks to the software, get a clear and detailed view of your activities.

  • Personalized reports
  • Statistical analyses

Oroxilia service

  • Expertise and proficiency in warehouse management
  • IT experience and skills
  • Team of computer engineers
  • Knowledge of Belgian and European legislation
  • Highly qualitative Customer Support